How to Start a Flower Farm

If you love flowers and gardening, starting a cut flower farm might be a great way to incorporate your passions and earn a living doing what you love!

Start out on a smaller scale if you have a full time job. A small plot of land is all you need to start, and you don’t need a huge budget.

As the farm gets established and word spreads, you can grow your cut flower farm into a full time career.

There are several business models you can follow. Some flower farmers choose to cut their flowers for market while others opt for a U-Pick model, letting customers come to the flower farm pick their own. A hybrid model is also possible.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • Perennials grow yearly and save time and money
  • Grow big colorful flowers that command a higher price
  • Plant seeds that work for your climate and zone
  • Research local, federal, and state laws on starting a cut flower farm
  • Start a CSA, sell at farmers markets, sell to wholesalers
  • Decide what your end goals are and work backwards
How to Start a Flower Farm

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